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    "E" Bucks

    Dear Friends,

    We are excited to invite you to join us in our “E” Bucks Campaign.   One Dollar bills have a Federal Reserve Bank image with a letter inside it.  

    We are challenging our supporters to start watching their one dollar bills, and when they find one with an “E” on it to please set it to the side to donate.  It is a fun way to raise awareness and teach youth about giving back to the community.  This would be a great way to challenge friends, families and groups to participate in a worthy cause!

    We are having our Share-A-Thon in Ashe County on November 2nd, and would love to have all participating people, families and churches to drop off their total amount of “E” dollars.  Thank you so much for your support!

    “E” Bucks… Everyone has a part at Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home!   


    Jean Davis,  Executive Director

    Sherry Reeves,  Associate Director        

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