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 Adolescent Independent Living Program

"Planting seeds of Promise today, for Successful, Independent Adults Tomorrow"

Guided by the parable of the sower, found in Matthew 13, our program aims to help children in the foster care system learn the importance of developing strong roots, strong supports, and to cultivate a healthy environment to encourage growth.

Our program is designed for children age 14-21 who are responsible and have the desire to be an active participant in building their future.  The AILP will be housed in the beautiful Hope Home on the campus of Ebenezer. As the participant moves through the stages of the program they will earn more privileges and responsibilities.  This enables them to acquire the skills needed to be successfully independent, while still supported in the loving structure of the Ebenezer family.

Life Skills That Will Be Addressed:

  • Academics, and Educational Planning
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Seeking and Job Maintenance Skills
  • Respecting Others and Interpersonal Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Health, Hygiene, and Appearance
  • Housekeeping
  • Nutrition, Food Management, and Cooking
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Budgeting, Money Management, and Financial Planning
  • Importance of being an Appropriate Role Model for Others
  • Transportation, Driving Training, and Automobile Maintenance
  • Emergency and Safety Skills
  • Accessing Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Knowledge of Community Resources
  • Creating a Life Plan with Appropriate Goals
  • After- Care Services to Ensure Continuation of Support


How you can get Involved and Help!

Each child will be responsible for having a part time job, and to be an active participant in learning to budget, comparison shop, and to save their money wisely.  We will be looking for opportunities in the community in which these youth can work.

We are committed to each individual child here at Ebenezer, and feel it is important to like the children with as many community resources as possible, therefore we will be matching each child with a mentor from the community.

Each Adolescent will attend a weekly Skills Class, and we are looking for community volunteers who would be willing to come and share with the children information on a topic they are interested in.

To be a supporter of this exciting new program, please contact us at 667-LOVE (5683), or you may mail donations to Ebenezer Home, AILP, PO Box 2777, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659.  If this gift in honor or memory of someone, please provide the name and address if desiring an acknowledgement to be sent.  If you would like more information about Ebenezer Foster Care, Adoption Program, or the Independent Living Program please give us a call at 336-667-LOVE.


This particular subset of children often falls through the cracks and has a significant need for programs to help them become successful adults. Unfortunately, after the age of 10, a child’s likelihood of adoption decrease by 60%, and the average age of adopted children in the U.S. is seven.

Some other startling statistics regarding this group of children also indicate the need to target these children.

After aging out of foster care:

         27% or males and 10% of females were incarcerated within 12 to 18 months

         50% were unemployed,

         37% had not finished high school,

         33% received public assistance, and

         19% of females had given birth to children. 

Before leaving care, 47% were receiving some kind of counseling or medication for mental health problems; the number drops to 21% after leaving care.